Sailor Moon Crystal R! New Season Teaser!

sailormoon-crystal-black-moon-anime2014featAll the Moonies found a delightful surprise floating around the internet this weekend. A trailer revealing the next season of Sailor Moon Crystal is the best Christmas gift any Moonie can ask for! While it was confirmed that Sailor Moon Crystal would continue into a second arc, there wasn’t very much visual evidence that this was true. Some fans of the new show feared that the series would only go to 13ish episodes and the scouts would die with Queen Beryl. In this case, we now have animated evidence of our wishes coming true. Sailor Moon R, the arc with Chibi-usa and Sailor Pluto, is happening. I can already feel my memories of the Doom Tree filler arc fading into a distant dream. Does anyone ever remember Alan and Ann?

You can view the trailer in all of its glory right on YouTube. People are still complaining about the art style and animation but after 13 episodes they should either stop watching or stop complaining. It’s not going to magically transform (haha, see what I did there?) after 13 episodes. While at times the animation does frustrate me, I can accept it and still enjoy the new series. I’m happy to have an anime that accurately portrays the original manga.

Can we hope this goes into Sailor Moon S and Super S? I’d love to see Mistress 9 in the manga style white skirt and blue top because I want people to recognize me when I cosplay as Mistress 9!

So enjoy Sailor Moon Crystal R and don’t complain if you don’t like the animation.

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