Revision 3 Games is closing up shop


We’re sad to report that Revision 3 Games (Rev3) is shutting down, which is sad as I enjoyed their content and their personalities. Both Nick and Tara have posted their goodbye’s to the network and I suppose the writing was on the wall once Adam Sessler had backed his bags and left the network back during April 2014.

Nick’s Goodbye – Here
Tara’s Goodbye – Here

Hate to see them go and hopefully everyone will find something and get back to doing what they love again.

No word on when the network will officially close and what will happen to the content when it does as of yet.

Edit – Tara’s last day with Rev 3 will be November 25th. She has accepted a position as a host / producer of an upcoming TV show which she can’t discuss just yet. Sadly she also mentioned that she is leaving the gaming industry altogether – Confirmed via her twitter page @Taralongest. Nick has started his own Youtube channel and has something going on but isn’t mentioning it just yet.

Good luck gang!

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    Damn I didnt think they would shut down after Sesler left!

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      I didn’t think so either so there’s more to it but what. Nick and Tara are fantastic and were good anchors to boot. Hopefully we find out what the real deal is.

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        Well one things for sure, its deffinetly not #Gamergate related, cause from what I understand Rev3 was having issues months ago before the internet was at each others throats.

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      They haven’t said why just yet. I’m still suggesting it was due to Adam leaving as they weren’t super popular before he came. Then after he came in he had a massive following, right up until he left.

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    Oh noes, not Tara Longest going away. She was great at the Destructoid show back then.