Kan-Ra joins the Killer Instinct 2 cast on November 24th


Starting on November 24th, 2014, Kan-Ra who is the third fighter to be released for season 2 will be playable. Kan-Ra will be available on Monday, Nov. 24, for Season 2 Ultra Edition purchasers, and then on Sunday, Nov. 30, for Combo Breaker purchasers. Additional Season 2 characters will continue to be released on a monthly basis until the season ends in spring 2015.

For additional details and specifics, or the chance to talk about Kan-Ra and other Killer Instinct topics with fellow fans, visit ultra-combo.com. Remember, Killer Instinct Season 2 is available right now through Xbox.com or via the Xbox One Games Store in the following bundles (and characters continue to be available for individual purchase)

Oh and Riptor makes his appearance, can’t wait for him to be released.