Minecraft Launches For Xbox One This Friday!


It’s a New World, a Ne- Who am I kidding, it’s Minecraft Xbox One Edition


Microsoft has announced that Minecraft will indeed be arriving on Xbox One this friday for the small price of $4.99, as an upgrade for people who have the Xbox 360 version. However for new-comers, the price rockets back up to it’s full retail price of $19.99!

The Xbox One edition of Minecraft is boasted to be a whopping 36 times larger than its predecessor, the Xbox 360 meaning players will have much more land to explore, places to build and caves to mine! And if you’re worried about losing all those nift creations of yours, there’s a way to transfer your Xbox 360 mansions or pixel art across to the Xbox One Minecraft. All smooth sailing from there!

For those new to Minecraft, it may look silly at first, but oh boy is it fun and addicting. The world of Minecraft is practically only limited to your imagination, though… The first thing I ever built was a dirt shack with a wooden door (Thumbs up to my buddy James who let me join at night.)

If you don’t feel like being the only person to conquer this massive landscape you’ve been given, you can invite friends over for 4-player splitscreen play (Just make sure you’ve got a big enough TV, you don’t wanna be sitting there squinty eyed for 12 hours straight.) There’s also 8-player online, so if your friends are too lazy to get up and away from those hot pockets, you can still build create and murder them for their stuff… Yes, I’m sorry, I play Minecraft for the fun of watching my friends squirm as I use them as a human pin cushion for my bow and arrows.

The Minecraft community is so large that even if you don’t have friends like myself (cry me a Riven…) You can search up and join servers with new people, new worlds, new everything!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be getting Minecraft Xbox One Edition, and as usual viewers…
Rock On!


Bigger Worlds… Just look at those curves… *Nose bleed.*



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