Is Destiny ever going to come to the PC?

I’m a huge PC gamer, you all know this, right? So fresh off my mind is Bungie’s Destiny which I had the pleasure of playing with this past weekend thanks to the Alpha they released and I enjoyed i (Mostly). So of course once I had some time away from the game I thought about all the things about it and how far it had progressed and wouldn’t you know what also came to mind?

Why the hell is this game not being made for the PC? I mean I know Bungies track history and they are for the most part a console developer and the console is their focus, I got it. However sometime prior to their Xbox / Microsoft days they did work on a few PC / Mac titles such as Marathon which is hailed as the precursor to Halo, Myth and Oni. So they have done PC development work in the past.

So are we getting Destiny on the PC? Well Bungie is still very undecided or wants to make sure the console version do well or it could be both. I understand that Bungie is like Valve and that they don’t want to rush their titles and I agree 100% with them. Fact is I’m also very concerned that they’re releasing the game on 4 different platforms at the SAME time as it is, they didn’t outsource anything. So yes I could definitely see why that if a PC version was coming that it would be tight lipped.  However I as well as others would love to know if they even considered the option in the first place.

So have they considered releasing it on the PC?

Who’s to say! Oh wait, didn’t Angry Joe do an interview with Bungie’s Community Manager, “DeeJ” or David Dague, who had this to say about the matter.

The PC port is something that we might consider in the future. We are not saying no.

You can check this out in the recent interview, 17 seconds in.

So there is a at least a chance, a slight glimmer of hope no matter how faint. Right gang? ntil then you’ll be able to find me on the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny.

P.S Gang, let’s try not to start a rumor. He said a chance he didn’t see it was definitely coming.

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