OverClocked Remix presents Sonic CD Temportal Duality

Those guys over at OverClocked Remix have done it again, this time they’ve taken perhaps two of the best soundtracks to every been produced; The Japanese Sonic CD soundtrack composed by Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi Ogata, where the North America gamers were greeted to a completely new soundtrack that was composed by Spencer Nilsen, David J. Young, and Mark “Sterling” Crew.

However being that the game presented two different soundtracks it ultimately caused a debate as to which soundtrack was superior, a  debate that is still ongoing to this day. So think of this album as Ocremix’s response to the age old argument which begs to ask, why can’t they both be great. To be fair I was always partial to the NA release of the soundtrack, loved the “Sonic Boom” track,  but there’s no denying that the Japanese was the better version, who can forget “You can do anything / Toot toot Sonic warrior“?

The album contains 38 tracks that span 4 discs and has been arranged by 39 different artists (For a complete list of the contributing artists, head on over to http://soniccd.ocremix.org/#artists), as well as the lyrics for several of the tracks.

That said if I can be of any assistance, definitely check out Two Futures (3-05), WhACKASS WORKShIFTS (1-08), This Is Madness! (1-11) and if you like / love Jazz then you’ll definitely like Take It All the Way (2-13). I’ve only listened to the album for the past few hours but just from that I can tell the time and love that’s been taken with this project, each track has it’s own personalty and has been done wonderfully. If you’re a Sonic fan, hell… if you’re a fan of video game music then you won’t want to miss this.

In the world of video game music, Sega’s Sonic CD (1993) stands as both a milestone and something of a curiosity… It was the first Red Book audio soundtrack experience for MANY gamers, the first console mega-franchise to branch out into the world of recorded OSTs & make use of its optical format, and perhaps most interestingly, it provided the gaming world with not one but TWO amazing and distinct soundtracks! Japanese & international gamers enjoyed a modern, more electronic score, but for the US version completely new music was composed. Fans have argued ever since as to which soundtrack is better, but we’re happy to announce that our latest album arranges music from BOTH versions!

Available in MP3 and FLAC format, the album can be downloaded at http://soniccd.ocremix.org/.

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