C'mon Capcom! Bring Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to PS360!

I’ll admit it, I mainly purchased a Wii for Monster Hunter Tri, nothing else. Sure I played New Super Mario Bro’s, Wii Sports Resorts (My son still plays it), Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (I still love it!), Muramasa: The Demon Blade and a few other titles, but it was Monster Hunter Tri that made me get the Wii. Flash forward to today. I can’t play Monster Hunter Tri online anymore… thanks Capcom and now I I really want to play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate but I simply refuse to pick up a Wii U. There’s not many games on it that I’d play and even I would get bored of killing monsters after a while (Well, maybe not). But I do have several Xbox 360’s and a PS3 that I know I’d love to be play Monster Hunter on. And I’m also pretty sure that I’m not alone in that boat.

So what gives Capcom? You did the same crap with Monster Hunter Tri and made it the only version that came to the US. Sure there is Monster Hunter Frontier for the Xbox 360 and PC, but it never made it to the USA. A game on the Xbox 360 that stayed in Japan???? Even though Japan for the most part dislikes the Xbox 360? That still boggles the mind.

So Capcom, how’s about you bring it over to some systems that matter in the eyes of gamers?


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