The SoundBass Episode 1: Kool Keith

Hello everyone this is GetSelious and today we have a new Podcast series. Myself and Nephrite one day said “People got know some of the dope stuff we listen to”. Some how with the power of the internet and Dr. Doom, Dr. Octagon, Black Elvis, and Mr. Nogatco we managed to deliver you The SoundBass Episode 1.

In this episode we discuss Kool Keith. If you don’t know Kool Keith is here’s a simple rundown: He’s a bat shit insane rapper and he’s godlike at it. Here are the albums by Kool Keith we played during the podcast:

 Black Elvis/Lost in Space
Dr. Octagonecologyst
First Come, First Served
Diesel Truckers
 Nogatco Rd.
The Lost Masters

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