Team Fortress 2 adds a horde mode with Mann vs Machine

Oh Valve, is there no end to how great you are (well not counting there hasn’t been any news on Half-Life 3). You went from having Team Fortress just as fun as it;s always been to making it freaking FANTASTIC! Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself again it seems. Basically Valve has confirmed that a new mode for Team Fortress 2 will be going into effect as of August 15th, which will pit teams of 5 players vs a massive horde of robots that occur in waves. See, horde mode. Between these waves players will be able to upgrade weapons and abilities and also accumlate loot which will be factor on how well you do during the rounds.

Valve hasn’t stated anything else but seeing how August 15th is 2 days away I’m sure we’ll hear more about this soon. For those who’ve uninstalled Team Fortress 2 (Fore-shame) it’s time to load it back on and get ready to grab 4 friends and frag some robots!