Thanks for nothing Bioware…..Really!!

While deep down inside I knew the new expanded endings for Mass Effect 3 would be as bad or in this case worse than the original endings, I reserved judgement until I was able to see the new endings for myself. What did I learn? To always trust my initial gut instinct.

O.M.G…. Bioware, really? Not only did you add a even more annoying ending that basically rewrites everything that the player worked up to you managed to add just enough to make the gamers hate the new endings even more. You didn’t do any more than stating that the Mass Relays were simply damaged and didn’t manage to wipe out more planets than the Reapers combined but you also explained why Joker and crew were outrunning the ensuing blast.

Good job there! But everywhere else… bleh! No real closure at all, every choice still negates EVERYTHING! No I don’t want to make everyone synthetic, I don’t want to control the damned Reapers, I only want them gone… dead.. out of my way.. forever! You also don’t explain that even we save Anderson he still dies. WTF is up with that? Bioware? Bioware???? Your logic is just as bad as that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie… or wait, it’s worse cause that disaster was cancelled.

Do us a huge favor Bioware, keep Commander Sheperd dead. I know that if you play it with enough resources we get to see his (her) armor and him (her) glasp for breath but please don’t use that as a reason to revive Sheperd. Leave the Commander either dead or MIA, something just don’t bring the Commander back.

Please for the love of all that is still sacred with the Mass Effect universe.