Diablo III Requires A Persistent Internet Connection To Play

This will be interesting now that Blizzard has announced that if you want to play Diabo III, then you better be ready to be connected to the internet AT ALL TIMES! Hmmm… This seems familiar, where did I hear this before? Oh yeah, when Ubisoft announced that their “The Driver” remake would also need a persistent internet connection and everyone seemed to grief on that decision.

But seeing how this is Blizzard, I’m wondering how much chaos will be caused due to this. Why did they decide on this? Apparently the new Battle.net features and Diablo III auction house (Did I mention that you can trade / sell with real money in the auction house) requires it to help fend off any possible hack attempts. So unlike other titles such as World of Warcraft, there is no simple authentication and then you can play, you must be connected at all times.

So forget about playing Diablo III on the go (Planes, Trains & Automobiles oh my) unless you got some tethering power going on.

How do I feel about this? Well, I can understand Blizzard’s point on all this but at the same time a persistent connection can be troublesome if you have a crappy internet connection **coughtComcastcough**. I’m also wondering if it does any checking to see if the connection is still available and if so does it time out have a certain time before it drops or if it’s lights out once the connection is gone. That would seem important to know, right Blizzard?

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