Some Companies Never Learn Or Ubisoft Fails At DRM Again

Well it seems that Ubisoft has yet to learn that their er… some what illogical DRM approaches to PC titles are pointless. Cause in point, the DRM for their upcoming Driver 2011 release. Ubisoft has decided that in order to play it on the PC, the PC has to be constantly connected to the internet to play it. Come again? 100% connectivity in order to play a game? Sorry Ubi but this has fail written all over it and all you’ll manage to do is upset the consumers that were going to purchase the title and ensure that this title will never be profitable so you can turn around and say that the PC market isn’t profitable to you. 

Of course this won’t do anything to combat the actual piracy as there will be hacks made available to get around this, it’s not something new.  I understand that you need to protect your investments, but this is going completely the wrong way. I’d rather have to sign into a authenication server and then from there be able to play my game, but requiring me to be online for the duration of the game is garbage. So if my connection drops does that mean my game is over and I can’t play until I can connect again? 

Oh well, I never had any interest in their decision to bring back this title from the dead, I mean did anyone truly enjoy drive almost 13 years ago? And if I did, this bone brained DRM stopped that cold.

Good Job Ubisoft!

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