Nex Machina Releases In June For PS4 And PC

House Marques, the same team behind the PlayStation 4 title Resogun, has announced that Nex Machina will be released on June 20th. The title will be released on both PlayStation 4 and PC, and will also include a local co-op mode. Currently, both the PSN and Steam pages are up, however, you can only pre-other the title on PSN for $15.99. I’d imagine the Steam version will be priced the same.

I had a chance to play Nex Machina during the closed beta and I was impressed with the game. It’s just as flashy as Resogun, but the top down shooter is definitely faster, more frantic and has shades of several former games – Smash TV and Robotron come to mind. Since I played it on the PC, I was able to gauge the PC performance as well and it was rock solid. I was averaging a solid 60fps, even at maxed settings. I was really impressed with what little time I had with the title.

That said, I can’t wait for the game to be officially released.

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