2 Broke Girls Cancelled After 6 Seasons

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter broke that CBS’ hit comedy 2 Broke Girls has been cancelled.

The TV comedy, featuring 2 down on their luck waitresses: Max Black (Kat Dennings), a sassy street wise career washout who makes amazing food; and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), a formerly rich socialite who’s father is in jail for a ponzi scheme, thus lost all her money and place to live. The series was well received by critics and audiences alike, but not so much in it’s last season according to CBS.

In its sixth season, the restaurant comedy has averaged a 1.9 among adults 18-49 and 7 million total viewers in the USA. Worldwide the ratings are unknown, but from personal experience 2 Broke Girls has been a smash hit in Australia… Which means nothing to the USA centrist TV industry. Sources say a short 13-episode order been discussed for the series, which had been used on Mondays and Thursdays but ultimately the network’s lack of an ownership proved to be its demise. The current deal sees CBS having no ownership in 2 Broke Girls, but is responsible for the cost of producing it, something that has become a bigger case for studios and broadcasters. If they can’t own the show, then they don’t want the show.

The decision to cancel 2 Broke Girls comes as CBS has a pretty stocked comedy inventory. The network has already handed out series orders for three new half-hours, including two produced by WBTV. Among them: a straight-to-series pickup for Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon that is expected to air behind the flagship on Thursdays.

The stars of 2 Broke Girls, Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs, had the following post on their Instagram and Twitter pages following the announcement of the show’s cancellation:

There’s already been an outcry from fans on Twitter begrudging CBS for cancelling the show after the season finale which saw Max get engaged to that season’s love interest Randy, Caroline attend the premier of a movie that was made about her, and the two opening and succeeding at their latest business: A candy themed bar that they built after their previous Cupcake business went under. There’s also the usual cry of partitions calling for Netflix to come to the rescue since the show is not broadcaster owned.

As for me personally… I’m just going to sit here and watch all the sassy Kat Dennings I can in reruns.

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