Blizzard Is Doesn’t Like Ties In Overwatch Anymore Than You


I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more frustrating when playing Overwatch and having taken a point, only to have the opposing team jump in at the last second and stop you from winning. I hate it, you hate it, the kid down the street hates it. Blizzard knows this and has been trying to tweak it so that games seem to go longer than they should. 

Now they’ve announced yet another change today over on the Overwatch blog

Last week as part of the release of patch 1.10, we made a change to how a competitive match victory was determined on Assault and Assault/Escort maps. We had received a tremendous amount of feedback that ties on these maps felt unsatisfying, particularly on maps such as Hanamura. We then decided to change the general rule that required a team to fully capture one more objective than your opponent to win. You now only need to gain more progress than your opponent.

“If Team A is on Hanamura defense and prevents Team B from ever gaining any capture progress, then when Team A is on offense they only need to reach 1% capture progress to win the game,” writes principal designer Scott Mercer. “This means Team B needs to always have someone contesting on the capture point, or they risk losing.”

To prevent this, the system will soon change slightly, meaning you’ll now need to reach at least 33% capture to win a tiebreak. So if Team A gains 10%, then Team B captures 20% in the next round, the match will end in a stalemate as neither team reached 33% capture. Conversely, if Team A reaches 90% on offense before Team B attacks to gain 40%, Team A wins as they had more progress than their opponent and a minimum of 33%.

Blizzard admits that while this should help shorten games, it could also increase ties. This will require gamers to focus their priorities when playing. Making sure someone is always on the point instead of engaging in combat off the point (which I really hate). No word on when this new changed will be patched into the game as of yet.

Source: Blizzard


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