Ok, whether you LOVED the Nintendo Switch event (like us in the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!), or you thought it was lacking, it’s hard to deny (though I’m sure some of you will try) that between Nintendo and the companies that made reveals after the show, there’s a game on the Switch for just about everyone.

From Legend of Zelda for action adventure fans, to platformers like Mario, racers with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, RPG lovers with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Project Octopath and more, and of course multiplayer peeps with games like Splatoon 2. There was a lot. But for fighting game fans, we all got a surprise by the return of an old friend.

In 1991, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior released. It became an instant phenomenon, and to this day, is held as one of the best fighting games out there. Which is no doubt why it got some make ‘”sequels” and “enhanced versions” one of which is headed to the Switch.

Behold! Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers…

And yes, that is a freaking long name! But, who cares? It’s Street Fighter II…again….again……….again.

Anyway, it’s clear that Nintendo is banking on nostalgia here, but this port is not a cheap remake. It has crisp HD graphics, as well as the classic graphics from the original game. Also, the multiplayer aspect works perfectly with the Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers, or just the full-on control. Plus, you can both fight against, or team up with, your friends! Thus giving you fun new ways to play.

So yeah,Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers may not be the “latest” version of Street Fighter, but you have to admit, you have the itch to play the classic again, don’t you? I might get it, just so I can finally own Street Fighter II…or at least, one of the versions of it.

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Todd Black

A self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy, born, bred, and Mushroom fed! He’s owned every Nintendo hand-held, and every console since the SNES. He loved games so much he went and got a video game degree and dreams of writing video stories