Nintendo Switch Australia Price Announced: Australia Responds “Nope!”

So the pricing for the Nintendo Switch is hitting around the world. Japan is going to pay ¥29,980 for their console. America is going to pay $299.99 for their console. Australia finally got their pricing for the console thanks to EB Games Australia… And it’s not that good. Australians will be paying $470 for the Nintendo Switch at launch, or $299 if you are willing to part with your Wii U PREMIUM console and one game (No early era normal consoles allowed for the deal, but will be taken at a lower trade in price anyway)


So how did the Australian public respond to this announcement? Not a great positive reaction to the news as you can see below

Another website was just smart enough to put out a poll asking everyone if they were willing to pay the $470 price for the Nintendo Switch from EB Games

It’s safe to say that Australians are flipping tables about once again paying one of the highest prices in the world for a new piece of technology. However, when the current exchange rate puts the $299.99 USD price as $400.35 AUD, it’s not too surprising that a $470 retail price was done. It’s still a high price to be sure, and somewhat annoying when you can get a PlayStation 4 Pro or an Xbox One S for around the same price. Once again, people don’t want current generation pricing for last generation hardware.

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