After 8 long years, it’s easy to forget that Left 4 Dead wasn’t always a Valve title (So, there was hope for another one at some point). However, its original developer, Turtle Rock, has dropped a little reminder for us all this past weekend. The developer released the games final campaign this past weekend for free for those who own Left 4 Dead on PC. You can download the campaign, check out instructions, and see the map for the campaign here.

The campaign is called, “Dam It”, and, you guessed it, takes place on a hydroelectric dam. The mission starts at a small airfield after the plane from “Dead Air” has crashed, and from there you must traverse some apple orchards, a forest fire, some covered bridges, and two finales. It looks like the “mini finale” takes place at a logging site where your best chance at survival is physically splitting up from the rest of your group. From there, the main finale takes place at the dam itself. 

The campaign has been labeled a “grey box” work by the developer. Don’t fret; the mission is completely playable from start to finish, but some features may not work as they should or are non existent. The developer lists these errors on the page listed above with the download link.

Turtle Rock has suffered some major ups and downs since the release of Left 4 Dead, and had to pass the torch to Valve.  In 2010, Turtle Rock was back in the game and developed Evolve

Have you played the final campaign? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below! 

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