Final Fantasy XV: Download size & Patch 1.01 Info

With Final Fantasy XV getting ready to drop on November 29, a lot more information about the title is being allowed to be published by the gaming press. While we are under strict guidelines, restrictions and embargo with our review copy; we can give you the following information about things you should know about on release day.

Download Sizes

Final Fantasy XV is going to be a hefty beast to take onto your hard drive. The Playstation 4 release registers at a whopping 50.698Gb for full install, with a minimum of 6.593Gb needing to be downloaded and installed before you can begin play. On the Xbox One, the download comes in at 50.94Gb, slightly more than the Playstation 4 version. It’s also unconfirmed that you can play after a small segment is done like you can on the Playstation 4.

Patch 1.01 aka “Crown Update”

Final Fantasy XV will have a significant day one patch, called the “Crown” update, that includes a “variety of updates, minor bug fixes, and new features to greatly enhance the overall story and gameplay experience.” This update is available at launch and is included with the initial download of all digital copies of Final Fantasy XV.

Improved Camera and Playability
o Enhanced the playability and comfort of the gameplay
o Camera improvements
o Improved detail in interactions
o Improved playability in narrow enclosed areas where battles were previously tricky
o Enhancements to sections where the feel of the gameplay may have felt compromised.
Expanded Driving Menu
o New shopping feature added where players can purchase items in real-time while riding in the Regalia.
o Game functions will not pause while in the car and the player will be able to access the menu with the world map progressing in real-time.
Enhanced Field Abilities
o By obtaining certain items, new features can be unlocked. For example, once the player is in Chapter 3, he/she can open the Regalia Shop Menu (accessible during driving) and purchase a Music Player that allows the player to listen to the car radio while roaming the field on foot.
o Additionally, an enemy whistle can be used to call monsters to battle etc.
Increased number of fish and recipes
o Added in more recipes and fish (up to 100).
o The fish and recipes will also be viewable in a gallery, a special feature for players who enjoy collecting items.

Inclusion of new event scenes
o Additional event scenes have been added to depict Noctis’s story in a more powerful way. This also includes some scenes from the CG movie, KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV and “Omen” a short CG movie by Digic Pictures.
Story enhancements
o A story tutorial has been added to deepen the player’s understanding of terminology and the nations that feature in the main story.
o Full names of characters will be displayed on the screen in the scenes where they first appear

Same content as the above, but will include a few additional updates.
Ability Tree Added for the Wait mode
o Wait mode is designed to allow players who are not skilled at action games to freeze time in order to decide on the best course of action. By adding in an ascension tree for wait mode, the development team has made it so even more effective results can be obtained when performing actions only possible in wait mode, selecting the best course of action while time is paused.
Unlocked Short Warping Outside of Battle
o Short warp movements previously limited to battle have been made possible outside of battle as well.
o This enhances the feeling of freedom for the player outside of combat too.
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Please stay tuned here at The Outerhaven as we bring you first hand coverage of Final Fantasy XV as soon as it launches on Playstation 4 & Xbox One on November 29, 2016.

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  • Adsa

    So in order to play the game, you have to download 6.592 GB via WiFi???

  • Joshua J. Piedra

    That’s what it looks like. Probably best if you use a hard wire connection if you have on available. If FF15 is this big, I’d hate to see what the FF7 Remake size is going to be since it’s going to be in multiple parts

  • Adsa

    My internet connection is terrible, I was hoping to just buy the game and play it without the other updates (8GB worth). So it’s pointless getting the game now…

  • Joshua J. Piedra

    It’s kind of ironic, though because they whole reason they delayed the game two months was so that they could eliminate a huge day one patch. Now here we are and we’re still looking at a huge patch. What was the point of delaying it?

  • Kentucky Fried Otaku

    That is actually the reason I took a break from XV already. Normally I wouldn’t care but if they are actually enhancing the story via update then I’ll just wait until it’s done since I’m still very early in the game.

  • I have played up to Chapter 10 so far. I’m the kind who takes their time and explores every bit of an RPG. I heard the enhancements will be coming to Chapter 13 and beyond so I’ll probably play to up that part and watch for the patch.