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Xperience Rebooted Episode 2


Welcome back to our rebooted Xperience podcast, or as we’re calling it, Xperience rebooted. For those unfamiliar with the show, this is the sister podcast to the SonyCentric, where we talk all things Xbox – The original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and even Windows 10. We got you covered for all things Xbox!

You’re probably saying, why do we have two Xperience podcasts in the span of two days. Well, we previously recorded one and got it posted late and then, of course, we recorded this new podcast for the weekend. So lucky you, you get two shows for the price of one?  What got some interesting topics planned, such as aXbox One outselling the PS4, Lost Odyssey making its way to backwards compatibility and much more. 

Sit back, grab your favorite drink and let’s get this started.

Hosts: Keith D. Mitchell (Editor-in-chief) @keithdmitchell | Clinton Bowman (Managing Editor) @NavigatorBowman


Thanks for listening and always, participation is welcomed and encourage. Questions, comments, tell us we’re slacking… anything. Just be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll definitely look into it.

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