The Last Guardian has officially gone GOLD!!

According to a tweet that was posted by Shuhei Yoshida a few hours ago, it would seem that The Last Guardian, a project which has been in development since 2007 back when Team ICO was still a thing has finally gone gold!

The Last Guardian was first introduced to the world during E3 2009, in which Team ICO debuted the title with this original alpha footage:

The title has seen several changes though out its development cycle, as did the team behind it. Formerly know as Team ICO, they eventually changed the studio’s name to genDESIGN, and partnered up with Sony’s Japan Studio in order to get things rolling.

The Last Guardian was originally meant to come out on the PlayStation 3 and had been in development since 2007. Now, 9 years later, The Last Guardian is being prepped for its PlayStation 4 release on December 6, 2016 – with just happens to be a worldwide release at that. Good move on both genDESIGN and Sony’s part.

Here’s to hoping that The Last Guardian was worth the time and event, especially since a title that took just as long as this game to be developed, *cough* Duke Nukem Forever *cough*, was not received well and bombed upon release.

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