DoDonPachi Resurrection on Steam Gets an October Release Date

Degica Games has been on a roll the past year, as it has been porting over several of CAVE’s outstanding SHMUP titles. One title, in particular, DoDonPachi Resurrection, has been on everyone minds, including my own ever since they announced they were porting this gem over. DoDonPachi Resurrection has appeared on multiple platforms, with the exception of the PC until now that is. And now we won’t have to wait much longer as the has been given  a release date of October 14, 2016.

You can head over to the Steam page here, however, there hasn’t been an announcement on how much the game will cost. Though the last few SHMUP ports from Degica Games have been priced at $19.99. We’re expecting DoDonPachi Resurrection to be priced around the same.

Included in DoDonPachi Resurrection for Steam are the following features and updates:

  • Normal 1.5: The original, refined game.
  • Normal 1.51: A different scoring system and controls in this Cave Matsuri special version.
  • Arrange A (ver L): A newly arranged mode with mechanics and a ship borrowed from DDP Blissful Death.
  • Arrange B (ver B): Play single stages in this highly customizable mode.
  • Novice: A crash course in bullet hell for newcomers!
  • Black Label: A new method of attack and a new final boss await!
  • Black Label Arrange: Control the Tigerschwert from KETSUI in the first official international release for this mode!
  • Black Label Novice: Experience Black Label without the difficulty!
  • Choose between three ships and three styles in the standard modes.
  • Cancel bullets and increase your score with the Hyper Counter system .
  • Turn the tides and clash lasers with the Counter Laser system.
  • Master numerous different intricate scoring systems for which CAVE has become famous.
  • Bring in devastating backup with two­-player local cooperative play.
  • 100 achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Cloud Saves, and Leaderboard support

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