Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

You Can Now Transform Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Into Brass Knuckles

And now, it’s time for the “this is a very real thing” article here on The Outerhaven. Over in Japan, there will be a very special accessory for players Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. The accessory will be for the Rose & Camellia Collection that will be available in the country. You don’t need to know the details about the game (it’s very insane, we promise), but you DO need to know that the accessory in question is turning your Joy-Cons into brass knuckles!

Don’t believe us? You can view the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons with the attachment below! We promise the accessory does make sense in the context of the game because it features slap fights. But do we want this in our hands over here in the West? Well…yeah.