WEBTOON Launches Toon or Dare Quiz and Four Collections in Honor of Spooky Season

In honor of spooky season’s arrival, WEBTOON today launched TOON or Dare, a new sorting quiz that allows fans to discover their Spooky Season reading style.

TOON or Dare

WEBTOON has a wealth of horror and thriller titles on the platform, and TOON or Dare will help readers to discover new creators and series that fit their reading styles. Readers can complete the TOON or Dare sorter and will be assigned a WEBTOON Dare based on their responses. Each “dare” is a Halloween-themed, curated collection recommending a mix of WEBTOON Originals and WEBTOON CANVAS titles based on readers’ interests.

The TOON or Dare collection categories are:

Readers are encouraged to progress through the categories throughout the month.

You can check out the official site here: https://webtoon.jebbit.com/pjnwbxyx?L=Full+Page