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Valve / The Outerhaven - No, this is just the original Steam Deck.

Valve adds OLED screens and larger battery to the Steam Deck

If you’ve been looking at picking up a portable gaming PC, and the Steam Deck has your eye, but you weren’t a fan of the screen, you’re in luck, as Valve has revealed its OLED version of the Steam Deck. This new Steam Deck OLED model will now come sporting an OLED screen, redesigned joysticks and trackpad, and a bigger battery.

This newer OLED Steam Deck, while giving a better viewing experience, also comes with a larger screen at 7.4 inches, compared to the original 7-inch LCD. While giving gamers access to HDR (yummy!), this screen is vastly improved, bumping its peak brightness up to 1000 nits, for HDR content, or 600 nits for SDR content.

Resolution1280 x 800 x RGB
Screen TypeHDR OLED
Display size7.4” diagonal
Maximum brightness1,000 nits peak brightness / (HDR) 600 nits (SDR)
Contrast ratio> 1,000,000 : 1
Color gamut110% P3
Refresh rateup to 90Hz
Response time<0.1 ms
Touch enabledHigh performance touch

In addition, the Steam Deck OLED will come with Wi-Fi 6E, whereas the original Steam Deck came with Wi-Fi 5 and a bigger 50Whr battery, compared to the original 40Whr. Valve estimates this will provide gamers with 3-12 hours of gaming life, which is a win. Updated joysticks and trackpad, but still no Hall Effect joysticks. Why not, Valve?

There are six different models of the Steam Deck, with the addition of the OLED screen, as shown below. However, with the addition of the OLED models, the 64GB LCD and 512GB LCD Steam Deck models are being discontinued and, as such, discounted, leaving only the 256GB model, which will serve as the entry model of the Steam Deck.

The 512GB LCD model has been replaced by the 512GB OLED model, and a new 1TB Steam Deck has also been added. There’s also a limited edition 1GB Steam Deck that will come in a clear plastic version (North America and Canada only). The OLED models will go on sale this November 16, 2023, and are unavailable to pre-order.

  • $349 – 64GB Steam Deck LCD (discontinued)
  • $449 – 512GB Steam Deck LCD
  • (discontinued)
  • $399 – 256BG Steam Deck LCD
  • $549 – 512 GB Steam Deck OLED
  • $649 – 1TB Steam Deck OLED
  • $679 – 1TB Steam Deck Limited Edition

Valve has also reported that the Steam Deck OLED variants are easier to repair, as it will require fewer steps to open it up and get to the internals. It also swapped out the machine screens with Torx screws. Even better, if you need to replace the OLED screen, you won’t have to take off the back of the unit! I hated repairing my original Steam Deck screen due to how involved it was.

**Update** There are Steam Deck reviews from a handful of tech YouTubers I’ve linked below so you can hear firsthand how the new Steam Deck OLED feels and performs. I wish Valve had sent us one, but we couldn’t get past their attack robots.

I wasn’t a fan of the screen when I picked up my Steam Deck when it first launched. I even considered upgrading it with the DeckHD upgrade, which upped the screen’s resolution from 800p to 1200p. However, since then, I picked up a ROG Ally, and my son made off with my Steam Deck. However, the OLED Steam Decks seem like a better deal, as you get a slightly larger screen and battery.

I can see this possibly a dent in the Asus Rog Ally and the recently released Lenovo Legion Go sales, and maybe even the Nintendo Switch, the only other portable device with an OLED screen. I wonder how Alan Wake 2 looks on this new Steam Deck OLED model.

Do you already own a Steam Deck, and if so, does the new OLED seem worthwhile, Or did you just purchase a Steam Deck and now regret it? Sound off in the comments, and let us know!

The OLED Steam Decks go on sale on November 16, 2023.