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Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Rate Zelda As The Best Character In the Game!

Most people agree that Tears Of The Kingdom is one of, if not the best, game of 2023, and it’s not hard to see why. Nintendo put everything they had into this title to top what they did with Breath of the Wild, and the results spoke volumes as the game sold ten million copies in three days. But as you might expect, fans do have differing opinions on some elements of it. So, Famitsu (as noted by Nintendo Life) asked fans what they thought of the game, and one of the specific questions was about which character was the best.

The surprising winner…was Zelda. Link came in second, and Tulin came in third. While that might be a shock at first, it’s important to note that Tears of the Kingdom showed off Zelda in many ways, including her bravery in the past as she helped set things in motion to defeat Ganondorf, even sacrificing her mind to ensure that the Master Sword would be healed and Link would have a way to defeat the Demon King. In many ways, the game was the true “Legend of Zelda.” And fans clearly reacted to that.

Regarding the three “worlds” you could visit, fans apparently loved the Surface more than the Sky Islands or the Depths. They also loved the Ultrahand ability more than any other skill, and they absolutely HATED the Gloom Spawn… we’re not going to argue with you on that one.

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