Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn DLC new Trailer

Ever since the announcement that there would be a new DLC for Tales of Arise, I have been interested in knowing exactly what it would entail and what more there is to say in the game. Luckily the newest trailer dropped from Bandai Namco has given us some new tidbits of information.

Check out the Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn DLC trailer below.

Throughout the original game, Alphen and Shionne were going around and helping out a bunch of cities and towns where they had societal problems, all while figuring out their problems. It seems that this DLC is set a year after the events of the ending and lets us see the state of those societies after their troubles were helped out by the gang.

We also get to see some new information about the cast, like Dohalim and his fascination with pottery. There is also a new end-game dungeon that will be added. It is just said to be a “Large dungeon” in the DLC trailer, so we will likely get a lot of areas to traverse in this new dungeon. I am excited to be able to go back and traverse the world as Alphen and Shionne again, especially since we get some new outfits shown as well.

Tales of Arise DLC Beyond the Dawn releases November 9th, 2023, on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.