Super Mario RPG Remake, Nintendo Direct Recap

Super Mario RPG Remake Gets Overview Trailer With Tons Of New Footage!

Just when you thought there was “enough Mario” to go around this year, Nintendo is only about a week away from dropping one of the most anticipated remakes of the last several years onto the Nintendo Switch. The Super Mario RPG Remake is a game that fans have been begging Nintendo for since it became harder to get on other systems. But next week, we’ll experience the RPG classic in new ways thanks to upgraded graphics, music, and gameplay mechanics! To get you all excited about it, Nintendo dropped an overview trailer for the game!

The trailer shows tons of new footage for Super Mario RPG and how the remake will look, sound, and feel as you play it. All told, the game looks great, and I can’t wait to dive into it. As I noted on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast previously, I could never play the game. When I got it on the Virtual Console, I didn’t finish it. But now? I’ll get to experience this title alongside OG gamers and newcomers who want to see Mario’s first RPG adventure!

Check out the trailer below, and get the game on November 17th!