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Super Mario Bros Wonder Team Spent Lots Of Money On Visuals and Animations

Super Mario Bros Wonder is one of three major titles coming out in the next week, and gamers are excited for it for various reasons. For example, the game has a different “vibe” to it than past 2D platformers in the series, and fans are eager to see just how crazy things will get with the new power-ups and the Wonder Flower. Just as important, though, is that the visual style of the game really pops, and gamers have even noticed how crisp the animations look.

Producer Takashi Tezuka revealed to NPR in an interview that the new and improved animations and visuals were something the team took very seriously, and he even said that the Mario movie helped inspire the team to pour more dev funds into the animations to ensure fans saw something familiar:

“Traditionally, our development costs have gone into the gameplay experience itself. Of course that’s absolutely essential. But this time we really wanted to pour some of that into the animations. … People who are coming from the Mario movie are going to see that and think ‘this is what Mario does, this is how Mario moves,’ and we wanted them to experience something similar to that.”

We’ll find out just how well the team did when Super Mario Bros Wonder arrives on October 20th.