Star Ocean The Second Story R Review

Star Ocean The Second Story R Drops Launch Trailer

November will be a big month for RPG fans, and it kicks off next week when Star Ocean The Second Story R comes to PS4, PS5, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The remake of the beloved Square Enix title brings back Claude and Rena as they unite to stop an evil group from destroying the universe! Along the way, they’ll battle fierce monsters, collect a group of incredible allies, and find their true strength to fulfill an ancient prophecy! The game’s launch trailer dropped today, and it showcases plenty of things for fans to be encouraged about.

For example, Star Ocean The Second Story R will embrace the 2.5HD stylings of other recent Square Enix titles like Octopath Traveler, bringing a new level of visual detail to the game. Plus, there will be full voice acting, updated music, an improved battle system, and more! Check out the trailer below, and get the game when it arrives on November 2nd!