Spider-Man 2: Can You Play As Venom?

One of the beloved things from the many different Spider-Man 2 trailers that have been released is the fact that we see so many clips of Venom. Now, with the game finally being out, players will know that they can fight Venom as one of the main bosses seen in the game. Venom is the enemy of Spider-Man, and this is the first time we’ve had a video game with Venom, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales in the same place.

Is Venom Playable in Spider-Man 2?

Venom is one of the most popular and beloved villains in all of Marvel. However, some don’t consider him a full-fledged villain. In the Venom movie series, he is seen as his own Superhero who stops bad people, but mainly by eating them. While Tom Hardy’s version of Venom isn’t necessarily the one we see in the Spider-Man 2 world, players will see the villain in the game as a boss that both Peter and Miles will need to defeat.

However, while players can play as a symbiote Spider-Man, Venom is an unplayable character and is only known as a villain boss in the game. While this is kinda sad for Venom fans, they will still get to battle the boss in one of the most epic battles we’ve seen in a long time when it comes to Spider-Man games.

With characters like Gwen Stacy not being in the game, it brings many different rumors about possible games in the future come to light. This includes rumors of an upcoming Venom game and fans also wanting a Spider-Gwen game. While none of these are confirmed, it leaves other chances for players to have the opportunity to play as Venom in the Spider-Man universe. With the success of Spider-Man 2, it wouldn’t be surprising to get another game in the next couple of years.