Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Indigo Disk

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s “The Indigo Disk” DLC Coming Out Next Month!

Fans have been waiting for an update on “The Indigo Disk” part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC for some time now. And today, we FINALLY got a reveal of the release date, as it’s coming out on December 14th! That might not be what gamers wanted to hear, as they were likely hoping it’d arrive before the month’s end, but at least it’ll still come in 2023. While no trailer was provided for the release date, we did get some updated art for the title.

The first part of the DLC, “The Teal Mask,” took players to a different land entirely, and “The Indigo Disk” will take players to an island academy where they’ll be a “exchange student” and see both familiar faces and new rivals. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also get a special bundle combining the main campaign with the DLC content later this month.