PLUTO Soundtrack from the Netflix Series by YUGO KANNO Out Now

Milan Records today releases PLUTO (SOUNDTRACK FROM THE NETFLIX SERIES) by composer YUGO KANNOAvailable everywhere now, the album features music written by Kanno for Netflix’s new futuristic sci-fi anime.


With a lengthy list of anime titles under his belt, including compositions for the likes of JoJo’s Bizarre AdventurePsycho-Pass and Gundam Reconguista in G, Kanno now brings his scoring expertise to the new series, contributing 46 score tracks split across two discs for the show’s inaugural season. PLUTO arrives exclusively on Netflix Thursday, October 26



Clues to the Truth
Spirit of Love
Restless Period
Feel Elegant
Panic Sense
Puzzled Mind
Empty Feeling
Know My Grief
Armful of Flowers
Quiet Time
The Sorrow is World
Shadows on the Sand
People on the Diagonal
A Tactics We Can’t Lose
Ray of Hope
Tragic Beauty
Cruel Plan
Solitary Combat
Endless Friction
Looming Crisis
Hatred Tornado


Warrior’s Family
The Song My Mother Hums
Cherished Memories
Contradiction Battle
Ordinary but Precious Day
Past Pain
Deep Affection
Peaceful Mind
Tremendous Twist
Pushed into a Corner
Desire for Revenge
Invisible Terror
Sharp Ridge
Nothing Out of Hand
Already Alive at Heart
Catastrophic Spiral
Death Battle
Black Out
Final Showdown
Get Close to Each Other
Love of Science
Zeal for Life
The Song of Bora

Source: Press Release