Persona 3 Reload Welcomes You To The Iwatodai Dorms

ATLUS has released a new trailer for Persona 3 Reload. It shows the newly revamped home base, the Iwatodai Dorms. For those who are veterans of the series, Welcome Back.

Immediately into the trailer, Mitsuru Kirijo decides to give the cast a detailed introduction to the Iwatodai Dorms and the facilities you can use. First is the Kitchen. Here, you will be able to make meals and learn cooking recipes. We see here the Hero making coffee with Ken Amada and Ramen with Shinjiro. In the lobby/living room, originally we were only able to use the TV to watch passing TV programs or TV shopping. This time around, there is a DVD player that was brought over by Fuuka. Now you will be able to watch other programs and movies with your crew mates. Even Koromaru gets in on the enjoyment. On what is believed to be the upper floor or 3rd floor, there is now a reading area and bookshelf. You’ll now be able to read to increase traits like your academics and to improve relations with your party. Apparently, Aigis got some inspiration and wants to raise some hell in Tartarus. On the rooftop, there will be a garden now. There was no way to access the roof in the original games. Now you will be able to grow crops with party members. Ever since Persona 4 Golden, gardening has been a main part of the Persona series. From the outdoor garden of Persona 4 Golden and Haru’s rooftop garden in Persona 5.  A benefit from this is that party members can improve on their special Theurgy attacks. Such as a buff in both critical hit rate and strength. Again, you can either conduct these activities solo or with another party member.

These revamped and new additions to the Iwatodai Dorms will surely appease veteran fans. The extra interactions and activities that were introduced in prior entries and now here in Persona 3 Reload are simply great quality-of-life improvements you expect from a remake. No doubt there is still more to be revealed throughout the game. Again, Welcome Back.

Persona 3 Reload is set to release on February 2, 2024, on Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC Windows, and Steam.