Behind the Scenes and Voice Cast of Persona 3 Reload

ATLUS released a “Behind The Scenes” trailer for Persona 3 Reload. Showing the voice actors that voice the three beginning main characters. Aleks Le as the Protagonist, Heather Gonzalez as Yukari Takeba, and Zeno Robinson as Junpei Iori.

People pass down the torch to the new generation in one way or another. After it was first announced by Aleks Le that he would be the Protagonist for Persona 3 Reload, Yuri Lowenthal, the original voice actor of the Protagonist in Persona 3, gave his blessings to Aleks and said that there was no one better to take over the role than him. We have another example of that in this behind-the-scenes trailer.

The trailer opens with Michelle Ruff, the original voice actress for Yukari Takeba, and also responsible for making this trailer. She gave her thoughts on the project and how she is very aware of how big the Persona fandom was then and how it has grown since then. Persona 3 was a pivotal point in the series, and it sprouted the fandom to what it is today. After the success of Persona 4 and 5, seeing this game come back in a remake as a result is just a cause for excitement once again. Michelle getting to know the new generation of voice actors who will voice these beloved characters is nothing but a joy for her.

Next is Zeno Robinson, who voices Junpei Iori. Needless to say, Zeno has managed to capture the feel and energy of Junpei while still adding his spin to the role. Originally voiced by Vic Mignogna, Zeno understands the role and knows that he is the life of the party while also seeking out his love in life. You can see that performance in his character trailer.

Next is Heather Gonzalez, who voices Yukari Takeba in Persona 3 Reload. She is aware of the character role of Yukari. While she appears to be in order, she is still insecure about herself and what the future may hold. To those who have played the original game, you know the changes that will take place over the course of her character arc.

Finally, Aleks Le, the voice of the Protagonist. He shows nothing but respect for this role and highlights the aspect of putting aside his personal ego and being the neutral party. Note that this protagonist is not as emotional or expressive as other protagonists, like in Persona 4 or 5. So maintaining a state of emotionless indifference was a challenge.

The trailer wraps up with the three giving their thoughts and feelings for the game. Zeno remembers when ATLUS released the public survey when it asked the public what they wanted to make next. He and many others immediately said Persona 3 remake. The cast understood the weight and value of this game. Understanding that they have to go beyond to make themselves and the fans happy. It wraps up with Aleks giving his best ad pitch for the game, with him laughing and having fun.

In addition to the trailer, ATLUS also revealed more of the voice cast, specifically the other social link characters. As well as new screenshots of the game.

  • Kenji Tomochika (VA: Joe Zieja)
  • Nozomi Suemitsu (VA: Paul Castro Jr.)
  • Kazushi Miyamoto (VA: Mark Whitten)
  • Yuko Nishiwaki (VA: Shelby Young)
  • Hidetoshi Odagiri (VA: Austin Lee Matthews)
  • Chihiro Fushimi (VA: Kelly Baskin)
  • Keisuke Hiraga (VA: Griffin Burns)
  • Bebe (VA: Jeff Berg)


Persona 3 Reload is set to release on February 2, 2024, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC Windows, and Steam.