Outerhaven’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Under $150

Outerhaven’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Under $150

Google Home ($129.00)

I'm a huge fan of technologies that seek to improve my day to day life. As such, the Google Home is my pick for a great holiday gift being priced under $150 dollars. Anyone who uses an Android smartphone or tablet knows how Google's voice assistant works. You just say "Hey Google" and ask your questions and 95% of the time you get a snappy response that answers your question.

Now imagine a device that does this and more, located in your home. The Google Home has been worked to now only respond to questions but also to interact with your daily needs, such as checking the weather, telling jokes, taking calendar requests, playing music from a multitude of services such as Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and Google Play. You can even use it to connect and control smart-home devices such as Philips Hue bulbs, Nest and a few others - it's a great companion for anyone.

Xbox One Wireless Controller ($59.99)

If you're like me and have fairly large hands, then you need a controller that rests comfortably in them. Enter the Xbox One Wireless Controller. The new Xbox One Wireless Controller features a textured grip for more comfortable handling, a 3.5mm headset jack, compatible with most headsets and headphones, as well as Bluetooth technology, so if you want to play games on your Windows 10 Anniversary Update tablets and PCs, you can do so without the need for wires! I own 2, and I couldn't be happier with my controllers, especially with the amount of Forza, NBA 2K and WWE 2K I play on an almost daily basis!

Erased Volume 1 on Blu-Ray ($89.98)

It was the anime that kicked off 2016 in a positive way and now it is coming to Blu-Ray for us non-Japanese natives to own!  The only downside is that this is only Part 1 of the series with Part 2 not coming until some time in 2017.  Be that as it may, it's a great start to the series and it should hook you enough to want to pick up Part 2 when it becomes available.  Don't want to take my word for it? Then perhaps you should take my word for it anyway! (https://www.theouterhaven.net/2016/03/boku-dake-ga-inai-machi-erased-review/).
If you're a fan of time travel murder mysteries, or just time travel in general, then this should make an excellent gift this holiday season!


Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Bruticus Action Figure Set ($124.99)

For those 80s kids, the Transformers Generations: Combiner Wars has produced a bunch of really great re-releases of the most sort after Gestalts (or Combiners) of the era in some of the best new molds to come out of recent Transformers toy lines. The second runner-up in this line is the very solid Bruticus combiner. Well worth the price tag for collectors and a great looking shelf piece, Bruticus is the best military-based toy on the market today.

Sailor Moon S Set 1 Special Edition ($79.99)

The perfect gift for any Moonie building their collection. Make them happy with this gorgeous chipboard box set that contains both DVD and Blu-ray options. This set includes the new Viz Media dub along with the original Japanese for those who prefer subs over dubs.

PlayStation 4 Special Edition Controllers ($58.98 - $79.99)

Since last year I have been yearning for the Crystal and Steel Black DualShock 4 controllers. Depending on your preference, you may prefer the Gold and Silver DualShock 4 controllers. The DualShock 4 offers unparalleled control over your games, and can easily be charged using any standard Micro USB charger, such as the one that comes with most Android devices.

Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition ($99.95)

The holidays are a time to spend quality time together, and what’s a better way to spend that time than playing a cooperative Lovecraft-inspired game?

With a number of pre-selected scenarios, highly detailed figurines, and a number of threads to make each round unique, Mansion of Madness takes hours to play but is a treat each time. It even comes with an app to help move the game along and create unique scenarios. And if you’re stuck inside all alone, feeling that particular kind of doom and gloom, you can play it by yourself. If you’re a literary fanatic or love playing creepy board games on game night, this is a great pick for you.

PS4 Platinum Headset ($159.99)

While this technically doesn't release until December 29,  it is currently available for pre-order. Being the next generation of the official Playstation headset, these are always stylish, easy to use, and loaded with quality. A great addition to your or a loved one's PlayStation gaming arsenal and a good way to keep the sounds of battle confined to just the player and not the entire Living Room. 

Just be sure to yell a bit when trying to get the attention of whoever is rocking this headset, they may not hear you otherwise.

New Nintendo 3DS: Mario 3D Land Edition($149.99)

Though the name may be a mouthful, I promise you won’t regret buying or gifting this system. Super Mario 3D Land comes pre-installed with this version of the New Nintendo 3DS, alongside two cool Mario-themed design plates that snap onto the outside of the console.

This is the perfect way to experience the 3DS’s incredible line-up of games. Pokemon Sun and Moon, Bravely Default, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Kid Icarus: Uprising… the selection of games goes on forever. 

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Starter Kit for PlayStation 4 - Black

What do you get a PlayStation 4 gamer who loves the feel of the DualShock 4, but loves to play PC games? Well, here's a thought - the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Starter Kit for PlayStation 4. Included is the newest model of the Dualshock 4 (CUH-ZCT2) which includes all the same features of the original DualShock 4, with a twist. Coming with the new model is the new light bar which sits above the touchpad,Bluetooth support and longer battery life. The kit also includes the recently released DualShock 4 Wireless USB Adaptor for the PC, which we happened to have reviewed here

At $69.99, this is a steal, one that we recommend to anyone who wants to get their PC gaming on with the DualShock 4 controller. Currently available at Bestbuy.

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