Oni Press Unveils New Comic Series Coming in Early 2024 at New York Comic-Con

Oni Press is proud to reveal ONI 2024—a high-intensity first wave of five propulsive new monthly comic series from a wide-ranging cast of award-winning creators and fast-rising stars that will fully embrace the potential of the comics medium to invert, collide, and reinvent the foundational genres of horror, science fiction, crime, fantasy, and beyond throughout the new year . . .

Beginning with INVASIVE #1—the terrifying new experiment in surgical horror from Eisner Award nominee Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Basilisk) and blockbuster artist Jesús Hervás (The Empty Man)—in December, each month will feature a new, must-read ONI 2024 debut:

  • JILL AND THE KILLERS #1—a razor-sharp teenage thriller from Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (Mary Shelley Monster Hunter) and Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade) in January
  • CEMETERY KIDS DON’T DIE #1—a near-future descent into a virtual world with killer consequences from Zac Thompson (Hunt for the Skinwalker) and Daniel Irizarri (XINO) in February
  • NIGHT PEOPLE #1—an uneasy odyssey into the provocative and surreal periphery of the American underworld from award-winning novelist and screenwriter Barry Gifford (Lost Highway, Wild at Heart) and writer Chris Condon (That Texas Blood) with artists Brian Level (Poison Ivy), Alexandre Tefenkgi (The Good Asian), Artyom Topilin (I Hate This Place), and more in March
  • AKỌGUN, BRUTALIZER OF GODS #1—a fearlessly unrelenting reinvention of the barbarian mythos from creative powerhouses Murewa Ayodele (I Am Iron Man) and Dotun Akande (Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood) in April.

“With ONI 2024, we’re setting out to redouble the mission that has made Oni one of the most innovative and influential publishers of the past quarter century: to produce utterly distinctive, wholly unrestrained, and singularly provocative series by creators with a relentless passion to make stories that can’t be told in any other medium,” said Oni Press president and publisher Hunter Gorinson. “These are maximalist comics made for maximum impact, with stories and formats specifically tailored to allow creators to do their best and most daring work.”

“The first semester of ONI 2024 delivers something for every reader, with stories that are rooted in genre, but twist and turn and deliver new ideas from a delightful cast of established and up-and-coming storytellers,” said editor in chief Sierra Hahn. “Is it 2024 yet?!”

Oni Press will dive deep into the ONI 2024 line-up at New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 3:15 p.m. ET during the ONI PRESS: CLASS OF 2024 panel presentation in Room 406.2 with creators Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (Jill and the Killers), Melissa Flores (Nacelleverse), Matt Lesniewski (Faceless and the Family), Jarrett Melendez (Chef’s Kiss), Emmet Nahil (Let Me Out), Jordan Thomas (The Man From Maybe), Zac Thompson (Cemetery Kids Don’t Die), and LySandra Vuong (Covenant), alongside editor in chief Sierra Hahn and president and publisher Hunter Gorinson.

Source: Press Release