My Neighbor Totoro

NYCC 2023: Climb Aboard the Catbus at the Studio Ghibli Booth

Last year, for the first ever New York Comic Con booth for Studio Ghibli, convention attendees could take photos with Totoro. So, how would the booth top the chance for a photo op with the star of My Neighbor Totoro? Why, by bringing over the Catbus, of course!

AJ, a representative for Bandai Namco, explained that the team had the ambitious dream of bringing the other star from My Neighbor Totoro stateside, for—fittingly—a cross-continent tour. This past year, Catbus started off at Anime Expo in LA and then traveled to cons in San Diego and Toronto. Now, it ends its North American journey in New York. It even has the city listed as its destination over its head.

Studio Ghibli Catbus New York Comic Con

So, if you’re attending New York Comic Con this weekend, it’s your last chance to get a picture onboard the Catbus. And while you’re at it, the booth offers up a wealth of merchandise for various Studio Ghibli films.

Studio Ghibli merch New York Comic Con

All the plushes on display are available for purchase. New arrivals include keychains and glassware. In the coming year, Bandai Namco, the North American distributor, will release more home decor products for Ghibli films. And attendees can get a glimpse of a Castle in the Sky stacking toy. It’s not available just yet.

For those who spend $30 or more at the booth, expect to receive a complimentary Studio Ghibli tote. I have to share, I still use my Princess Mononoke bag from last year. But this year’s design has a more general Studio Ghibli appeal, for those who want to rep the beloved studio itself rather than a single film.

Studio Ghibli New York Comic Con

While you won’t get a sweet tote bag, those not at New York Comic Con can pick up much of the Studio Ghibli merchandise at Barnes and Noble and Kinokuniya locations. For those shopping online, you can check out the Studio Ghibli store. And for those of you waiting for that Castle in the Sky set of figurines, you can follow on social media for a release date.

In the meantime, you can visit the Studio Ghibli experience at New York Comic Con until the last day of the convention on October 15th. Don’t miss a chance to ride the Catbus!