Retro Gaming

Game & Watch returns with Mario Edition

The Game & Watch returns with a special Mario edition announced during the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Nintendo Direct, it features 2 full Mario games & more

Darkstalkers Deserves Something New

Has Capcom forgotten about their gothic-horror fighting game series Darkstalkers? Fans would like a revival after 7 years of nothing besides crossovers.

Supreme announce Mortal Kombat arcade

Skateboard and clothing brand Supreme makes a weird entry into the gaming marketplace by releasing a special edition of the Mortal Kombat Arcade1Up cabinet

The Outerhaven’s CARRION Review

CARRION, a game where you play as a huge viral blob killing everything in sight, makes for an interesting but frustrating game of PAC-MAN on roids

Worst To Best: Horror in Video Games

Horror games are a huge part of video games, but sometimes you need to work out what is truly scary in order to appreciate the fear. Here are 13 games to help.