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Resident Evil Project Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance Beta Delayed On PC and PS4

Resident Evil Resistance seems to be following the route of other multiplayer horror games like "Dead By Daylight". Trying to introduce a singular powerful player against four weaker players. Sadly this mistake could cut out a large chunk of players that might have been interested.

Half-Life: Alyx: The Outerhaven Review

Valve pioneering the medium of gaming once again with their latest release Half-Life: Alyx for VR. Step into the shoes of Alyx Vance as you revisit City 17 in a bid to free your father.

Foregone (Early Access) Review

Foregone offers a fun and addicting challenge as you go through multiple levels of increasing difficulty, acquiring upgradable weapons and gear along with skills and talents to increase your power to meet said challenges! It has high replayability and when you couple that with great visuals and a stunning soundtrack, you're in for a bit of a treat!