Indie World

New Indie World Showcase Highlights Shantae, The Outer Wilds, and More!

While they aren’t as important or as beloved as the Nintendo Directs that The Big N does, the Indie World Showcases are still very important because they get to highlight the hardworking indie developers who are trying to make their names while also making some of the best games on the market! Today, a new showcase dropped and it highlighted several indie titles for this year and next that you might be interested in playing, including some fan-favorite series coming back to the Switch!

For example, after 20 years of being “lost,” the team behind Shantae are bringing back Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution to release on the Nintendo Switch! There are also games like Howl that have arrived today for the console. Check out the Indie World Showcase below to see all the titles that were revealed!