Morgan Lionheart

Morgan Lionheart

Today, I had a very interesting conversation come up when I was talking to someone who I consider a good friend. “What is your dream?” I think as we live and grow, those change and, that’s OK. We’re all following what I think we all consider sometimes to be “clumsy dreams”

My dream, might sound a bit clechè and just like words but here it is.

When I was about 16, and just beginning to appreciate anime. My cousin introduced me to “Bleach” those who have heard of it will think what you will but the thing I got most from it was perseverance.

Later, although I liked anime like that still, I found I was looking for something else. That’s when I found “Kanon” What an incredible and interesting story.

It laid out some things very clearly

But it also showed something else
-living each day happy even if you had no idea if tomorrow would come
-never EVER giving up on those who matter to you, even if your not sure sometimes why they matter
-miracles (big and small)

I came across others with those same elements. Including. Anime from the same company as “Kanon” itself.

Here’s the part that may seem a bit clichè and some might think a bit fake. I’m not afraid to say some might believe that.

I don’t really care about the popularity or success of my books. Sure getting readers and likes, followers, shares, they feel good. But I don’t really care if only one person reads. As long as they understand and it inspires them, like those anime did for me.

Some of my content is and will continue to be brash, harsh, hard to read but, in a world like we live in now. I believe it’s necessary, putting these things in such a way that hard and stubborn hearts will understand.

That’s my dream.

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