Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Masters of the Universe: Revolution Gets First Look and Promo Images!

Regardless of what you think of Netflix and its practices (hint: some of them are terrible!), you can’t deny that when it comes to their Geeked Week presentations, they showcase a lot of what fans want, and surprise them with things they didn’t know they want. For example, we have gotten our first look at the “second chapter” of Kevin Smith’s take on the He-Man franchise with Masters of the Universe: Revolution! The first part came in 2021 and it had a…unique response…from certain fans, and that makes this sequel even more important.

As the teaser for Masters of the Universe: Revolution highlights, the villainous Hordak has come for Eternia, and he has Skeletor and more under his employ. The brief teaser showcases the return of classic characters while teasing intense action and beautiful animation. The series will arrive in January, so check out the preview below!

And here are some images from the show!