Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Masahiro Sakurai Goes In-Depth About Super Smash Bros Ultimate In Latest Video!

The “Creating Games” series by Masahiro Sakurai has been a joy to watch, and we’ve talked about it quite a bit on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast. While Daddy Sakurai does discuss many topics, many gamers love looking at the insights into the games he helped create to learn their backstories. The latest, and possibly last, of the “Game Concepts” genre dropped today with a look at Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Sakurai immediately noted that he went right from working on the DLC for the Wii U/3DS game to going into the Switch title, even stating it was the “final mission” he got from the late Mr. Iwata.

Just as important, because he would once again team up with Bandai Namco Studios to help make Super Smash Bros Ultimate, he knew that now was the time to do the “Everyone Is Here” concept. It was a lot of work, but he made it work. Masahiro Sakurai also noted both the advancements and difficulties of trying to make the game, including the new memory requirements via the cartridge hardware and how the COVID pandemic led to the DLC content taking almost 3 years to complete! So, what is next for the series? He wouldn’t spill, but considering the game has sold over 32 million copies, it seems likely that we’ll get SOMETHING in the future.