Masahiro Sakurai, Retro Game Master

Masahiro Sakurai Does Special Crossover Episode With Retro Game Master!

Masahiro Sakurai is someone we talk about quite a bit here on The Outerhaven, including in the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast! The reason we talk about him so much is that his “Creating Games” channel on YouTube is so much fun, and you should all check it out! But in a special post, Sakurai revealed that he was going to do a special crossover episode with a popular YouTube channel, and then late last night, he revealed that the crossover would be with Retro Game Master!

The first episode of the crossover is live right now, and it’s a true blast. The two did a “Let’s Play” session chronicling some of the best and most influential arcade games from the late 1970s/early 1980s, and you can see the fun that these two have as they’re trying to do the games well. Masahiro Sakurai even gives himself a handicap against the Retro Game Master, and it’s hilarious how it all plays out. More episodes will follow, so check it out below!