Marvel’s Echo Gets First Trailer and New Release Date

You might have heard that the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t in the “greatest place” right now, and we’ve noted some of its “failings” in recent times via its movies and TV shows. Heck, Disney admitted it themselves when they rebooted the upcoming Daredevil series and let ACTUAL TV PEOPLE run their Disney+ shows. That makes it all the more curious with what is happening in the upcoming show Echo, which has gotten its first trailer. The series is a spinoff of Hawkeye and will feature Maya Lopez trying to “become a crime lord” like her “uncle,” the Kingpin.

The series has been much maligned since its announcement, and it will be the first series to drop all its episodes upon its debut, which has raised many red flags. With how things are going, some have felt that Echo is just being “dumped” so that they can get it out of the way. Only time will tell. You can watch the trailer below, and binge the series when it arrives on January 10th.