Manga Review: The New Gate Vol. 6

The New GateTitle: The New Gate Vol. 6
Author: Yoshiyuki Miwa (Manga Adaptation), Shinogi Kazanami (Original Story)
Publisher: One Peace Books
Language: English
Format: Physical
Pages: 200
Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Adventure
Publication Date: July 20, 2021

The Story

Volume 6 of The New Gate sees Shin reunite with another of his servants from the game, a humanoid dragon named Schubaid. Their meeting doesn’t last long but Shin does return his old weapon to him at a much more powerful level. After their reunion, Shin enters the guild to take on a couple of quests to raise his rank. They take out some low-level goblins; however, when he returns, he receives a message that he has been summoned by the guild master, Barlux. Before he goes, they re-enter the forest to see if any new species of plants formed after the forest regrew its vegetation after the right with Girart. There, Shin learns the differences between Analyze and Appraise while also learning certain races have different abilities within those two skills.

When they meet with Barlux, there is a mage named Royl who appraises the gem and the sword that Shin sent flying into the castle after his fight with the level 359 Skullface from a few volumes ago. We learn that the sword went right into Princess Rionne’s room but she was unharmed; however, they learned it was Shin’s fault and he has been summoned to the castle!

When he arrives, he meets Princess Rionne who is a high-level chosen one like Shin. She wants to fight him to learn his power level. Shin, of course, is way stronger than Rionne whose power level is in the 500s. He limits his power to be on equal footing with her and then spars in an old duel arena that was seemingly made for fights between chosen ones. When he matches her power, they call off the duel as a draw. As they return, they spy a priest by the name of Greril. Something is off about him but as soon as Shin discovers what, he and Rionne are teleported to the holy land!


Princess Rionne is a handful. She is not ladylike at all nor does she carry herself in a way you would expect nobility to. She’s rough around the edges and definitely doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She even says that the sword being plunged into her wall was akin to a marriage proposal! Even with her being as “wild” as she is, she does have some maturity and doesn’t set her expectations out of the realm of reality. She’s a fiery character that’s also understanding so she’s well-balanced in that regard. Not bad… I’m glad they didn’t pull out the full trope card with her and gave her a bit of uniqueness. It’s a bit refreshing to see a character like this not just be some egotistical and/or delusional bimbo who abuses her status and political power.

Gadras is also pretty noble. He protects Rionne and immediately takes a liking to Shin. One would think that he would be strict or uptight; however, he’s very calm and patient. He seemingly befriends Shin rather easily too. I’m getting a lot of Girart’s personality from him which means he’s going to be a pretty good character (at least that’s what I’m thinking until something happens later on. More on that in Final Thoughts.)

The only other new character here is Greril; however, he just seems to be a plot device character. It became obvious that his status effects were the work of a demon but what would a demon randomly want with a priest? There is a connection there but outside of being a plot device, he seems like a throwaway character at best.

Final Thoughts

A bit of a filler volume that kicks off the next major story arc. While we are going to be investigating demons, there is a plot point that there is someone or something behind the scenes pulling the strings. We’ve seen a glimpse of it when Shin meets Rionne for the first time. He was being watched and now the findings are being reported to the King. So, this means that either the King is in on it and is the one pulling the strings… which means that he’s also been possessed or stricken with a curse by a demon as well.

Then there’s also Gadras who seems too calm to just accept as being a good guy. If someone were going to be pulling the strings… why not be someone close to Princess Rionne? Who is closer than her trusted personal guard? There are a couple of ways that this could go but right now, Schnee and the gang are going to meet Shin and Rionne halfway but it also means that Shin and Rionne have to fight their way out of the holy land which, according to Shin, won’t be easy since the monsters in that area in the lvl 500 range.

In any event, we have a mystery on our hands! Let’s see how this will carry on in Volume 7!

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