Manga Review: Choujin X Vol. 4

Choujin XTitle: Choujin X Vol. 4
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 215
Genre: Supernatural, Battle
Publication Date: November 21, 2023

The Story

In Choujin X Vol. 4, we learn a bit about the history of Choujin and how every generation, there is a supreme Choujin that has the power to destroy the world. The last one was the Choujin of War, Queem. Now that this generation has arrived, fears are that this certain Choujin is set to revive. They gave a name to this Choujin… and lo and behold, we now know why the name of this series exists because its name is Choujin X.

Azume, Tokio, and Ely want to become keepers. Just as summer break starts, they are approached to go to an island to take part in special training. For Tokio, he has to learn to beastify only a part of his body. For Azuma, he must learn to control his powers and give them a name. For Ely, she needs to come up with a brand-new move. They invite keepers from another prefecture to assist with the training. Seven days pass and we see some progress with each of them.

Azuma takes his time to think about things; however, as they are all training, the wheels of the underworld are turning. Things are brewing and the speculation about Choujin X is intensifying.


Since we open up with the conclusion of Azuma and Tokio’s battle, it’s only natural that we get some background information on the two of them. Azuma was always stronger than Tokio so when Azuma in his uncontrolled state claims that Tokio was looking down on him, he can’t figure out why he would say something like that. That’s when these flashbacks clearly show that Azuma’s judgment is clouded in this form and how/why he lacks control over his powers.

Outside of this, the only growth we get for our three main characters is the advancement of their training and their mastery over their powers. While these are not power-ups, per se, coming to an understanding of how to use those powers is something worth praising them for. Plus, during their fight, something happened with Tokio where he went beyond his limits but doesn’t seem to recall that. Given the nature of the world-building that we did, it’s pretty obvious who might be Choujin X; however, as it was explained, Choujin X doesn’t necessarily have to be evil which lends even more evidence to the theory that it’s Tokio.

Final Thoughts

This volume of Choujin X felt a bit more special than your typical training volume. The world-building and backstory of said world led us to reveal to true nature of the title of the series. It made volumes one through three feel like a prologue and thinking back, it’s exactly what they were. A story of how are three main characters came to be along with the knowledge of what Choujin X is and why it’s the main threat/benefit of humanity has tied everything together. Now, the real story feels as if it is truly beginning.

So, in that essence, it makes sense that our characters are going through training. With the main story kicking into gear, they need to be prepared for whatever is to come and if the final page is any indication, what is to come has arrived. This makes you wonder how our characters are going to react come the next volume. I can see them using what they learned in battle but it won’t be enough. The floor will get mopped with them only for the trainers to step in and handle things. This will be followed by “We need more training!”

At least, that’s what I’m predicting based on the typical formula for battle manga. I could be wrong and this series will surprise me. I mean, Kaneki went from 0-60 in Tokyo Ghoul so Ishida could pull out a plot card like that… or maybe he won’t. The only way to find out is to check out Vol. 5!

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