Manga Review: Cheerful Amnesia Vol. 1

Cheerful AmnesiaTitle: Cheerful Amnesia Vol. 1
Author: Tamamushi Oku
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 130
Genre: Yuri, Slice-of-Life, Comedy
Publication Date: October 24, 2023

The Story

In Cheerful Amnesia, Arisa Suzuki wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. She has lost the last three years of her life. Mari, her girlfriend, is there to greet her when she wakes up but Arisa has forgotten everything about their relationship since they met during her amnesia period. Despite this, Arisa instantly believes Mari about their dating and is super excited to know that they are lovers.

From here, Arisa starts a journey of trying to remember the last three years of her life… the only problem is that she’s like a big kid who gets overly excited and doesn’t really care about remembering anything except for the sexy stuff that they used to do as a couple. Despite having amnesia, she even falls in love with Mari at first sight, much like she did when they originally met.

The first volume is about Arisa rediscovering all of the things that she and Mari used to do together; however, Arisa is mostly interested in the sexy stuff!


Re-learning about their life would normally be a heartwarming experience but “airhead” doesn’t even begin to describe Arisa. She’s also not shy when it comes to talking about all of the dirty stuff that she wishes she could remember doing with Mari. One would think that she’s acting like a little kid because of the amnesia but during some of the flashbacks, she wasn’t different at all in any of them. She really is just like a big kid despite being in her 20s. One thing is for certain, though… she’s truly in love with Mari… almost to an obsessive level. This makes her a rather fun character since she just doesn’t care about shame in any way, shape, or form. Ah, to be a free spirit like that…

Mari, on the other hand, is much more reserved… at least when out in public. When she’s home, she’s not shy about discussing what they did together as a couple. In one instance, she agreed to re-enact some of the things that they did in hopes that it would spark some of Arisa’s memories. There was even a scene where she didn’t mind if Arisa washed her in the tub. Even though she can be forward, she still gets easily embarrassed. That gives her a charming vibe but the one thing that is her best quality is how she is so tolerant and understanding of Arisa’s situation. She’s not sad that she can’t remember anything probably because Arisa fell in love with her all over again when she first laid eyes on her. I’m sure that’s helping ease the tensions quite a bit but for her to be this strong and patient really shows her level of compassion for Arisa!

Final Thoughts

That was a pretty fun first volume. Arisa does seem like she could get annoying quickly, though. While her actions were rather cute at first, the running joke got old by the end of the book. It’s like… yes… we know you have amnesia, yes we know you’re in love with Mari, and yes, we know you’re not shy about sex stuff and wish you could remember all of it. It’s good for a chuckle but once the entire book is filled with it, you’re just hoping for new material. Granted, there was enough variety here to mix things up such as Arisa meeting one of her friends, or Arisa meeting Mari’s co-workers. It did break up the monotony a bit which is a good thing.

This is only a six-volume series and given how quickly these reads are, this doesn’t seem like a series that will overstay its welcome. Just from the first book, I can tell that this will be good for a quick chuckle so I’ll keep checking it out; however, I hope over the next five books we can get a little more variety to the humor outside of sex.

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This item was provided for review by Yen Press