Luis Aleman

Luis Aleman

When a bounty mission takes an unexpected turn, it brings three girls together on a journey. The runaway princess with fiery red hair, Rosella, and her loyal former servant, Anneth, have escaped from their home to make there own place in the world. Backed into a corner by former mercenary Morvon, the pair of bounty hunters take in a talented young elf named Gertrude who’s always wished to travel.

With a staggering bounty on the princess’ head, though, the girls soon learn that not every smiling soul has good intentions for them. Even worse, the royal family doesn’t seem to care if Rosella is returned to them all in one piece or not. Luckily, a chance meeting with an otherworldly man named Hudson may steer all the girls’ paths into a different direction then they could have ever foreseen.

The fire princess and her group of outcasts just want to find their place in the world. The only problem is, those around them don’t want to let that happen. Can these travelers use their differences to survive and find their place in the world or will they be killed by bloodthirsty head hunters before that can happen?

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